1. To create a meeting in a selected workspace, click the Meetings tab from the top tabs.

Figure 1 Meetings

  1. From the Meetings tab, click the button.

Figure 2 Create a Meeting

  1. The Create a Meeting popup will open. 

  2. In the pop-up, give your meeting a title in the Add Title field. 

Figure 3 Add Title

  1. Use the From and To date/time selectors to set the start and end time of the meeting.

Figure 4 From and To Date Selectors

  1. Select the appropriate time zone for the meeting using the Time Zone dropdown.

Figure 5 Time zone

  1. If the meeting is recurring, choose the frequency using the Schedule dropdown.

Figure 6 Schedule

  1. Provide a brief description of the meeting in the Description text box.

Figure 7 Description

  1. Select the workspace for which the meeting is scheduled using the Location dropdown.

Figure 8 Location

  1. Add participants using the Meeting Guests dropdown.

Figure 9 Meeting Guests

  1. After entering the details, click the button to schedule the meeting.

Figure 10 Schedule

  1. This schedules the meeting and it is also appear in your calendar.

Figure 11 Meeting