Your meeting controls

If you are a track owner, see also: Managing your meeting participants.

The following options are available to you, unless you dial into the meeting:

Toggle to prevent other participants from hearing you.
  • You can still hear other participants when your audio is muted.

Toggle to prevent other participants from seeing you.
  • You can still see other participants when your video is turned off.
If the Record meetings configuration is enabled on the track, Challo records meetings automatically. See: Configuring your track details.After a meeting, recordings appear in the resource track for members to replay.

 See: Meeting recording formats and transcripts

See: Inviting people to your meeting
Share screen
Shares your screen.
See: Sharing your screen
See: Presenting content
Full screen
To move the current meeting into new fullscreen browser window, click the Fullscreen button. In this mode, you can continue to watch the meeting display, while you view other track resources; for example, across two screens.
To close the fullscreen display, and return the meeting to your track window, click the Fullscreen button, or press the Esc key.
To review or change your microphone, camera, and speaker settings.
To change your on-screen display of participants during the meeting.
Options include:
  • display the current speaker, filling the window
  • display all participants in a grid—if you are the first participant, your image fills the window until another participant joins
  • display all participants as a filmstrip, with the current speaker filling the rest of the window
Meeting participants
Shows the meeting participants.
As a meeting coordinator you can manage participants from here. See: Managing meeting participants.
During a meeting you can chat with other meeting participants.
See: Chatting meeting guests

Shrinking your meeting view

During a meeting, you can shrink the meeting view and continue to use Challo without interruption. Using the smaller view you can perform other tasks in Challo such as the following:

  • Visit tracks and view content
  • Present track content
  • Send direct messages and participate in group chats

To make the meeting view smaller:

  1. click the shrink button

  2. Challo moves your meeting into a smaller view, so that you can use Challo. The meeting controls are available in the smaller view.

To make your meeting full screen:

  1. click the grow button

For example:

During a meeting, you see the following:

If you click the shrink button, the view changes and you can navigate the track where the meeting is:

In this view, you can navigate Challo and go to different tracks for example.

In the smaller view, you continue to participate in the meeting and many of the meeting controls are available:

If you navigate to a different track, to return to original track where the meeting is:

  1. Click the title of the track in the smaller meeting view
    For example: Click Example track.

  2. Challo takes you back to the track.

See also: