Guests are participants of meetings who either:

  • Do not authenticate, and remain unknown to CafeX.
  • Do authenticate, but are not members of the workspace that the meeting is part of.

If you use a link to join a meeting, your browser takes you to a meeting lobby.
From the meeting lobby you can do one of the following:

  • Sign-in to authenticate yourself, if necessary.
  • Enter your name

You can then join the meeting.

As a guest, if the meeting is in a workspace, you cannot do the following:

  • View any workspace resources.
  • Present workspace  content.
  • See historical chat messages. You can only see chat messages that are sent during the meeting, while you are a participant.
  • Record meetings, or control active recordings.
  • Invite other participants.
  • View workspace members.

As a workspace member, if you screen share or present during a meeting, all participants, including guests can see what you share.