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Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 08:43 AM

The following actions are made available as part of the CafeX Connector.

Add a Workspace Member

Allow a new user access to a workspace by providing its ID, their email and new role in the workspace. This will invite the user if needed.

Add an Asset

Add an asset, including an external linked asset to a workspace, e.g. an external link to Google drive.

Add File Asset

Add a file asset to a workspace identified by its ID. The file name and content must also be provided.

Create a Meeting Invitation

Schedule a meeting in a workspace identified by its ID. The organiser, time and participants can be specified.

Create a Workspace

Create a new workspace in CafeX, specifying the owner and the template to create it from.

Delete a Workspace

Archive a workspace in CafeX.

Delete a Workspace Member

Remove access from a workspace for a specified user.

Delete an Asset

Remove an asset (file/external) from a specified workspace.

Delete Data Table Record

Delete a row in a Data Table.

Execute a Ruleset

Execute a Business Ruleset in the platform and retrieve the results.

Get a Workspace

Retrieve the workspace field values and members associated with a workspace.

Get a Workspace Member

Retrieve the details of a workspace member, including their role, ID and status.

Get an Asset

Retrieve the meta-data associated with a particular asset in a workspace.

Get Asset content

Get the content of a file stored in a workspace as an asset.

Get Data Table Record

Retrieve a specific single row from a Data Table in a workspace.

Get Rulesets

Get the list of Rulesets for the app.

Get User Details

Get the meta-data associated with a specified user in the platform. 

List all Workspaces

List all the workspaces in the app.

List Assets

List the assets included in a specified workspace.

List Data Table Records

Retrieve the list of rows from a data table in a specific workspace.

List Workspace Members

List the users that have access to a specified workspace.

Return Response

Returns data to app that invoked the workflow, to be made available in the relevant data set.

Search Data Table Records

Search for specified Data Table rows based on matching criteria. 

Send a Context Card

Send a predefined context card to a workspace's chat, filling in any optional data.

Update a Data Table Record

Set fields in a row in a Data Table.

Update a Workspace

Update the workspace field values associated with a specified workspace.

Update a Workspace Member

Change a user's access level to a specified workspace.

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