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Modified on Thu, 21 Sep 2023 at 05:40 AM

For the best understanding of CafeX App Studio development, see: Building your first App.  This guide gives you step-by-step instructions that you follow to create your first App.  It introduces many of the fundamental aspects of App development on CafeX, such as Workspaces, Data Sets, and Views.  The steps in the guide are steps that you follow each time you create a new App, so you have to have a good understanding before you continue.

After you complete the guide, you can use the articles here to gain more information about the many aspects of App Studio.

Walkthrough guides
Building your first App
The first guide that introduces many aspects of the platform
Enhancing your AppA walkthrough of the Data Sources that your Apps can make use of to perform searches, display records and interact with data.
App Studio interface Components
Introducing App Studio
An introduction to the Components and App Studio navigation
Altering the appearance of an App Studio Component
Information about the styling and appearance settings of Components.
Using Table and Form Components
Tables and Form Components are advanced App Studio Components for presenting and interacting with Data.
Using data
Using data in your AppAn introduction into the different ways to interact with data in your Application
Adding Data Tables to your AppData Tables provide your Workspaces with a data structure that your Apps use to store relevant data.
Creating a RulesetRulesets implement the Business Rule Engine that apply to your App
Workflow Overview
Workflows provide you with a low-code/no-code way to manage connections and perform advanced operations on external systems and across the CafeX Platform.
Configuring External Data Sources
Information about making API calls from your APP to external systems.
Understanding mustaches and expressionsInformation about how to reference Data Set fields to evaluate expressions that other Components of your App can use.
Using contextual Data SetsInformation about Data Sets that applications can make use of to use User, Workspace, and Tenant data. 
Handling interactions
Using Event Handlers
You use Events to make your Apps interactive and change when Data Sets present certain information, or when Users click on components for example.
App lifecycle
CafeX Workspaces
Information about Workspaces and their role managing User access and App context
Managing your App
Information about Apps, how you export, and import them and change access permissions.
Using the Workspace Creation Service
The Workspace Creation Service allows Clients to create new Workspaces for a specific task with

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