After the meeting ends, a meeting record appears in the following places:

  • On your home screen under Recent meetings.
  • In your meeting menu.
  • If the meeting was on a track, it appears as an entry there.

The meeting record contains information about the meeting and who the participants were:

If a meeting recording was taken, the meeting record contains a meeting video recording:

Creating a track after a meeting

To start a new track after a meeting:

  1. Open the meeting record
  2. Click the track button
  3. Click the button again to confirm.

Challo adds your meeting record to your new track.

You have to add track members to your track—See: Managing track members

Meeting recordings

During a meeting, to start a recording:

  1. press: RECORD

  2. To stop recording press RECORD again.

To generate a transcript:

  1. Open the meeting record
  2. Click the ellipse for the recording()
  3. Click Transcribe

The transcription appears under the meeting record.

Click the transcript or the recording to view them:

Recording format

Session recordings are stored in the following format:

  • MP4 video
  • Video Codec: H.264 – MPEG-4 AVC1 / 1280×720
  • Audio Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) / Mono 48000Hz

Transcript format

Challo transcription is optimized for US English.