As an administrator, you can collect audit log that record the events that occur across the following Challo services:

  • Tenant events
    • Records events that apply to your Challo tenant.
    • For example: When an administrator updates the tenant settings.
  • Track events
    • Records events that occur on tracks in your tenant.
    • For example: When someone adds someone else to a track.
  • User events
    • Records events that correspond to members of your organization
    • For example: When a member updates their profile.
  • Track entry events
    • Records events that occur on specific track entries events.
    • For example: When someone views a track entry.
  • Other events are for specific Challo functionality.

Audit records are available to administrators for 12–months.

Searching for audit logs

As an administrator, to search your audit logs:

  1. On the menu, click Tenant settings

  2. Click Auditing.
  3. Complete the form, providing specifics to filter the results.
  4. Click Search.
    The search may take a few seconds to complete.

The search may take a few seconds to complete, and applicable audit records appear in the table.

If there are a lot of records they may not all be visible, click Fetch additional to retrieve more.

To search across all of the audit records for your organization, select All services and All event types.

Viewing audit logs

To view additional information for each audit record, click Details. The Audit event details opens.

You can see specific attributes that you can use use in subsequent searches.

For example:

  • Each track entry has a unique objectID field that you can use to find all corresponding events to a file on a track.
  • If you search for a trackID you can find all of the events that occur on the track you specify.

The following fields are available on all audit records:

Attribute nameAttribute description
idIdentifies an audit record.
serviceThe corresponding Challo service for an audit record.
typeThe event type for an audit record.
actionSpecifies whether the action taken was successful or unsuccessful.
messageProvides more detail about the event in an audit record.
accountIdIdentifies the Challo tenant that the event occurs in.
objectIdIdentifies an object that an event takes place on. Objects can be an entity in Challo, for example: a file, a URL, a track, a meeting.
userEmailThe email address of the person that carries out an operation,
userIdidentifies the person that carries out an operation.
userAccountIdIdentifies the tenant that the person carrying out an operation is part of.
trackIdIdentifies of a track that the event took place on, or null otherwise.
timestampThe timestamp when the event occurs.
changesAny additional information or attributes that correspond to the event.

Downloading audit records

After completing a search, to download the results, click Download.

The file that downloads contains all of the audit records that are in your search result, in JSON format.

Typically, you can process JSON records using another application.