As an administrator you can control aspects of meetings for the members of your organization to meet the compliance requirements of your organization.

Managing the recording of meetings

As an administrator, you can enable or disable the recording of meetings that occur for your organization.

As an administrator, to enable or disable the recording of meetings:

  1. Go to your profile menu > Tenant settings > Meeting settings
  2. As you require, toggle Disable the recording of meetings for your tenant
  3. Click Update

If you disable the recording of meetings, participants cannot record the following meetings:

  • Instant meetings, or scheduled meetings that your organization members create.
  • Any meetings that occur on workspaces that your organization owns.

Important: Your organization members can still record meetings that occur in workspaces of different organizations, if that organization does not disable their recordings.

If this setting changes, there is no need to reset the auto-record toggle on a workspace. If you disable the recording of meetings, dCafeX disables auto-record on all of the workspaces where it is turned on. If you enable the recording of meetings, CafeX enables auto-record for all workspaces with it is turned on.  If you change this setting, all workspaces with the auto-record setting off do not change.