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Managing your App details

As an App Builder, you use the App Details page to do the following:

  • Update the settings for your App that you specify when you first create it—See: Building your first App.
  • Export an App definition file
  • Delete your App

To go to the Details page from App Studio, click the App Details icon in the Side Menu.

Understanding your App definition file

If you export an App, CafeX creates an external zip file that contains a definition of the App at the time you export it. You can import these exported files into your CafeX tenant to create new Apps. You can use App exports to share configurations with other developers, maintain backups, create new Apps that extend the original functionality, or to reuse components between different Apps.

Important: An App that you export may expose secure data, such as the authentication mechanism for web services, or internal configuration. Do not export and share Apps before you check for confidential or sensitive information. 

Exporting an App

If you export an App, CafeX creates a zip file that contains a definition of the App that incudes configurations and settings. 

To export an App:

  1. From App Studio. click App Details 
  2. Click Export .
  3. CafeX generates an App export and the download begins.

Importing an App

If you import an App, CafeX creates a new App that uses the App export file.

The new App has the same settings and services as the originally App. 

If you import an App, you own and control the Apps that you import. The new App does not maintain any App Studio permissions from the App at the time of export. 

Important: Do not import an App configuration from an unknown or untrusted source.  If you import an App, CafeX may configure services that are dependent on App user settings; it may make use of user specific resources, and invoke services. Before you import an App, be aware of the content of the App.

To import an App definition file, and create a new App:

  1. Navigate to the CafeX home screen,
  2. Click Create a new App
  3. In the dialog, click Import from a file.
  4. Choose a file, and select your App definition file.
  5. Enter a name for you new App.
  6. Click Add 

CafeX begins to import the App. Later, it appears in the list of Apps on the CafeX home screen.

Understanding App Permissions

It’s more than likely that a team of people need permission to make alterations and configure aspects of an App.  Across and organization administrations and teams of people require permission to do these tasks.


Tenant Administrators can see all Apps—They always have full administrative rights to configure the App.


Tenant Administrators can grant permission to other members of the tenant to allow them to become App Builders. An App Builder can create news Apps and access the App Studio.

As an App Builder, you manage the permissions for your Apps.

To view the permissions of an App:

  1. From App Studio, click App permissions
  2. Configure the following for each App
    • A list of App Builders, who can edit the App.
      You can only add Members of your Tenant that your Tenant Administrator designates the App Builder role to.
      • If the list is empty, any App Builder can edit the App.
      • If there is no option to add an App Builder, it means that every App Builder is already present.
  • A list of App Users who can create new App Workspaces.
    • If the list is empty, any member of your tenant can create the App.


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