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Adding Data Tables to an App

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep, 2023 at 10:11 AM


A CafeX Data Table is a local data store that holds records associated with a workspace within the App. Data within a Data Table can be visualised in different ways within an App, but it can be easily imagined as a table with multiple rows  of data where each row (Record) has multiple columns that represent the attributes of the Record.

Creating a Data Table

To create a new Data Table:

  1. From App Studio click the Data tables icon in the side menu
  2. The Data table editor opens to display all of the Data Tables of your App.
  3. Click Add new table
  4. Enter a name for your table, then click Add.

When creating a Data Table you need to give it a name to help identify the Data Table when referencing it while building out the App.

Adding fields to a Data Table

To data a field to a Data Table:

  1. Click on the Data Table to expand the fields.
  2. Click Add new field
  3. Use the dialog, to give the field a name, and type.

Adding formatting to a Data Table field

As an App Builder, you apply formatting to the fields within a Data Table. The formatting reacts to the data in the Data Table, so it applies when the criteria you specify matches. This allows you to, for example, to make negative numbers bold and red and make positive numbers green, to help your App Users quickly identify differences.

Formatting rules only apply to your Views of Data Tables. In App Studio, if you use a Table Component to display Table Data, then you have to apply formatting to each each Component separately.

To add a conditional formatting rule to a field:

  1. For the field, click the edit button:
  2. Click Add new rule.
  3. Follow the dialog to set a Formatting condition
  4. Use the style options to change the appearance.

You may add several conditional formatting rules to apply to the Data Table field, to match different conditions.

Creating a Data Table View

CafeX provides Data Table Views for Users to view and edit Data Tables.

If you create a View of a Data Table in your App, then Workspace Members are able to see and update records in the Table without the need for you to create a view in the App Studio.  If you need specific behavior, or additional functionality, consider using a Custom View and using the App Studio to create your own App.

The following Data Table Views are available for you to enable:

  • Grid—A tabular view of the data, users can add, update, and delete records.
  • Kanban—A swim-lane view of cards that users can move between columns.
  • Gantt—A time line of activities to show users their dependencies.
  • Calendar—A calendar view with records on specific days.
  • Card—An item view, where each record presents as a card.
  • Form—A form Users use to submit new records to the Table.

Important: The Custom View enables App Studio and the External View embeds external application URLs. 

To create a View:

  1. From the App overview, go to Configure >  Views.
  2. Click Add new View.
  3. Add a new View with the following parameters:

    View Name

    Enter a name for the view

    View Type

    Select a Type

    Data source

    Select a Data Table

  4. Some types of View require additional configuration, follow their on-screen instructions.
  5. As appropriate, toggle Set as default view.

The new View is available in the Workspace:

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