As a tenant’s administrator, you manage applications that your members can use on Challo.

Applications provide the following:

  • They retrieve content that your organization stores in the application, allowing track members to view it.
  • Applications appear in a track’s Add menu.
  • They let your members select content to share on any track that they are members of.

For each application you install, you specify the following:

  • whether to enable the application for your members.
  • whether your members can configure their own accounts to share content.

Depending on the application, you specify the following configuration:

  • Configuration from your office suite integration.
  • Configuration to access your organization’s application account.
  • Configuration to allow your members to configure their own accounts,

Not all of the options are available on every application, for details specific to each application, see: Adding application content by using the Add menu.


  • Your configuration applies to all the members of your organization. A member of one of your tracks from another organization can use their own applications regardless of your configuration.
  • If you permit your members to configure their own accounts for an application, then they can associate any account, including personal accounts, with Challo.

Understanding application authorization

If you share resources and content from an application, Challo uses the appropriate method of authorization to access and retrieve information from the application on behalf of your organization’s members.  Each application provides its own method to delegate access to its content. Some applications provide OAuth 2.0, others provide API keys or access tokens to retrieve content.  Challo makes the content available for to those who have permission to see it.

Challo Enterprise application

The Challo office suite integration installs an enterprise application into your organization’s Microsoft, or Google account.

The Challo enterprise application uses 2-legged OAuth to act on behalf of your organization’s members.

Challo has the following enterprise applications:

Organization application accounts

To use some applications Challo uses an API key, or an access token, to act on behalf of your organization’s members.  These are Challo uses the application’s API to act on behalf of your organization’s members.

Challo uses application accounts for the following applications:

  • Box
  • Slack
  • Zendesk

Member’s own accounts

To use some applications Challo require that your organization members use their own accounts with Challo.  To use these applications, Challo uses 3-legged OAuth to act on behalf of your organization member.

Installing an application

As a tenant’s administrator, to install an application:

  1. From the menu, click Tenant settings
  2. Click Management > Applications
  3. From the available applications, click Install for any that you require.
  4. The applications you install appear under the Applicationsheading, where you configure the following:
    • Box
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Jira
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Salesforce
    • Slack
    • Smartsheets
    • Zendesk

Some applications require that you verify Challo in order to use them.

You have to enable applications to let track members use them.

Your network administrator has to allow access to an application so that your members can use the application as themselves. See the documentation that the application provides for this information.
Challo does not require additional ports and protocols to use the applications that you install unless the application configuration specifies.

Configuring an application

As a tenant’s administrator, to configure an application:

  1. From the menu, click Tenant settings
  2. Click the application to enable under Management > Applications
  3. As you require:
  4. Click Update.

Verifying your Challo integration with applications

As an application administrator, before you start using the following applications, you have to verify each of your Challo integration with them:

  • Box

Using alternative file viewers in Challo

When you open a track resource, Challo picks a suitable viewer to show the the content. See: Viewing track content.

If your organization implements access controls to applications, members of your organizations may not be able to view content that members add to tracks.

As an administrator, you can instruct Challo not to use these applications and use the default Challo viewer for members of your organization. This is helpful if your organization members work with other organizations that use resources from applications that you typically do not allow access to.

As an administrator you can you can instructor Challo to not use the following application viewers:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Viewer

To change the file viewer settings:

  1. As an tenant administrator, go to Tenant Settings > File viewers
  2. set the options that you require: