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Using contextual Data Sets

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 06:30 AM

Your App provides you with some Data Sets that include contextual information about your App User, Workspace, and CafeX Platform.

App Studio provides the following contextual Data Sets:

  • System Data Sets—Provides your App with data about itself.
  • User Data Sets—Provides your App with data about the current User.
  • Workspace Field Data Set—Provides your App with custom data that your App defines that you typically provide at the time of creation.

You reference the values of contextual Data Sets like any other Data Set, including mustaches in expression fields.

Using the System Data Set

Your App can make use of System Data sets that the platform provides.

The following data is available using the System Data Sets:

Data SetDescription
appIdA UUID for your App within your tenant.
You typical use this when you have multiple Apps that share common resources and you need to distinguish between them.
workspaceIdA UUID for the Workspace.  You typically use this when you have an App that creates many Workspaces and share a common resources that you need to distinguish.
viewIdA UUID that represents the custom view within the Workspace.

Using the User Data Set

The following data is available using the User Data Set:

Data Set fieldDescription
user.avatarEither the User's default avatar image, or User profile image.
user.displayNameThe display name of the User found on the User profile
user.emailThe email address of the User.
user.idA UUID for the User.
user.initialsUser initials.
user.tenantIdThe UUID for the Users Tenant.  Cross-tenant applications may use this to manage users.

Using Workspace Fields Data Set

As an App Builder, you use Workspace fields to store simple data, and meta-data that your Apps have to use.  Generally, you use Workspace Fields to store data that is necessary for your App to load at the time of creation. 

You are able to manage Workspace Fields for the duration of a Workspace; however, is it most common to use them to store the attributes that the Workspace Creation Service provides.

All of your Workspace Fields are found within a single Data Set with the name: workspaceLabels.

In expression fields, you use mustaches to reference the field.

For example, to reference a Workspace Field with the name exampleField, you provide the following mustache:


For example:

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