As an administrator, you may not want everyone in your organization to sign into Challo. Microsoft Azure AD provides different ways to provide access to applications, based on your preferences as an organization, or the license you have with Microsoft.

As an administrator you have to configure two Azure AD Enterprise Application for Challo to operate correctly:

The two applications are as follows:

  • CafeX—Members of your organization use this to sign into Challo
  • Challo—Provides access to resources and content when using Challo

To establish the most appropriate means of configuring the Challo applications, see: Microsoft - Application Management.

As a guide, if you are using Microsoft Office 365, to control who uses Challo you do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Azure Portal, Configure the Challo application to require assignment, as follows:
    1. Locate both enterprise applications.
    2. Set User assignment required? to Yes.

      See: Microsoft - Configure an application requires user assignment

  2. Depending on your Microsoft licensing you do one of the following:

Access denied

If you sign into Challo and see the following Access has been denied message, it means that you are not assigned to use Challo in your organization.

An administrator has to assign you to Challo so that you are able to sign in and use it. You can still join meetings in Challo as a guest if you do no sign in and the meeting moderator allows you to join.