The office suite integration installs a Challo enterprise applications into your Office 365 account. Your Office 365 users can access Challo using Office 365.

When installation is complete, Challo can perform the following:

  • Update Outlook calendar events with connection details for meetings you schedule.
  • Access teams and groups in your organization to associate them with your organization’s Challo account.

Challo only makes use of a single client ID and secret to access your Microsoft Office365.

As a tenant’s administrator, to install Challo into your Office 365 account:

  1. Open your Profile menu> Tenant Settings > Office Suite
  2. In the Type drop down, choose Microsoft
  3. Click Install for Office 365
    • You see the following message if the the suite configuration is already complete:
      Microsoft Tenant Installed
  4. Follow the instructions on screen.
    Challo requests application consent, for example:


  5. After integration Office suite, shows: Microsoft tenant installed.

To verify the application privileges, see the Microsoft Azure documentation: Configure the way end-users consent to an application in Azure Active Directory.

To enable the Challo application for your users in Azure,

  1. In Azure, visit Challo under enterprise application
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Set enabled for users to sign-in? to Yes
  4. Set Visible to users? to Yes
  5. Click Save

If you do not want all users to see Challo, specify individual users or groups.