CafeX > User Profile > Tenant Settings > Users

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the User Management screen.

  2. Select a user by clicking the user row from the list.

Figure 1 Select User

  1. Click the Deactivate button.

Figure 2 Deactivate

  1. This opens the confirmation popup. To confirm the deactivation of the selected user, click the Confirm button.

Figure 3 Confirm

  1. This deactivates the selected user and the Deactivate button changes to reactivate.

  2. To reactivate a deactivated user, click the Reactivate button.

Figure 4 Reactivate Button

  1. This activates the selected user again.

  2. In case you want to give a specific user admin level access permission, click the Make admin button.

Figure 5 Make Admin

Note: Only a user with Super Admin rights has the authority to provide admin level rights to another user.