1. Once a workspace is created, the components that can be associated with it will be displayed on the right side.

  2. To access the created apps, click on Apps.

  3. The list of created apps will appear.

Figure 1 Apps

  1. To create a view for the app, click the No Views Created dropdown. 

  2. Select Create a new view.

Figure 2 Create a new view

  1. In the Add a new View popup, enter a name for the view in the View Name field.

Figure 3 View Name

  1. Select the view type using the View Type dropdown.

Figure 4 View Type

  1. Select the data source for the table using the Data Source dropdown.

Figure 5 Data Source Dropdown

  1. If you don't want to set this view as the default view, disable the Set as default view toggle.

Figure 6 Set as Default View

  1. Use the Sort By dropdown to sort the view by a specific field.

Figure 7 Sort By

  1. Use the Sort Direction dropdown to select the sorting direction.

Figure 8 Sort Description

  1. Once all the required fields have been filled, click the button.

Figure 9 Add Button

  1. When the app is loaded, all the fields you created in the data table will be displayed.

  2. You can add record(s) to the data table using the Add a Record button.

Figure 10 Add a Record

  1. Fields that have been applied with a formula will be automatically populated once you fill in the other fields.

Figure 11 Add Record

  1. You can also color code a field when a certain limit is crossed to make it easier to identify.

Figure 12 Color Coding