1. Upon successful login, click the button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Figure 1 Create New App

  1. From the Add New App popup, select Create an App.

Figure 2 Create an App

  1. This will open the Add a New App popup. 

  2. Specify the name of your app using the App Name field.

Figure 3 App Name

  1. In the Description field, enter a brief overview of the app.

Figure 4 Description

  1. To select an icon for the app, click the icon. This will display a dropdown menu where you can choose an icon that best represents the app you're creating.

Figure 5 App Icon

Figure 6 Icon Dropdown

  1. To choose the color for the app you're creating, click the color box next to it.

Figure 7 App Color

  1. Once all the necessary selections have been made, click the button. 

Figure 8 Add Button

  1. This creates the app and it will appear on the Apps screen.

Figure 9 Created App

  1. After the app is created, you must add tables to store the necessary data.