You use Challo webhooks as a simple way to achieve outcomes in Challo on behalf of your client application. You use webhooks to integrate Challo with your existing practices and processes.

Your client application uses Challo webhooks to achieve a goal, or outcome, such as to create a track, or to start a meeting. Your client applications sends a simple HTTP POST request and Challo inspects the incoming webhook and performs the necessary steps to achieve the outcome with the data you provide.

This approach is different from using an API. Typically, an API exposes a broad range of functionality to a client application to obtain data from an application and then preform operations on it. This comes with a degree of complexity and requires client applications to perform multiple interactions to achieve a specific outcome. Challo does not provide your client applications access to APIs to perform complex operations. Instead, the single request that you send instructs Challo to perform the multiple steps necessary to achieve the outcome you require.

To start using Challo webhooks see: Setting up a Challo webhook.