Important: Track actions are only available to specific accounts. If you think you will benefit using them, contact your Challo sales representative.

Use action links to associate actions together in meaningful ways. Linking actions helps your track members see how actions relate to other actions.

Each action link is made from a pair of inward and outward labels. The labels explain how an action associates to another action

For example, you can create a pair of labels:

  • blocks,
  • is blocked by


You can use these labels to link two actions together, when you add or update an action, for example:

  • Fill kettle blocks Boil kettle
  • Boil kettle is blocked by Fill kettle

As a track member, to set action links, see Managing track actions.

As a tenant’s administrator to create action links:

  1. From your menu, click Tenant settings

  2. Click Action link types
  3. Specify the outward and inward labels
  4. If necessary click Add to add more pairs of labels.
  5. Click Update.