Important: Track actions are only available to specific accounts. If you think you will benefit using them, contact your Challo sales representative.

Action fields store information on track actions in a consistent way. As a tenant’s administrator, you define custom action fields so that members of your organization can include them on the actions they manage in their tracks.

For example, in your organization members of a track want to record the impact of revenue goals against actions. The administrator creates a group of fields with the name impact; then creates two fields goal and actual. When a track member create actions, the impact group is visible and they can record appropriate values against each field.

As a track member, see Managing track actions for how to complete custom fields.

Creating Custom fields

As a tenant’s administrator, to create new custom fields:

  1. From your menu, click Tenant settings


  2. Click Action Fields
  3. Click Add
  4. Name your group of fields
  5. Each each field you require:
    1. click Add
    2. Specify the field name
  6. When you finish adding all of the fields you require, click Add at the bottom of the dialog.
  7. To commit your new custom fields, click Update.