Important: Track actions are only available to specific accounts. If you think you will benefit using them, contact your Challo sales representative.

Create an action status to organize your track actions. Each action status corresponds to a column on the action status board, that you can find on each track. There is a limit of 5 action status columns.

As a tenant’s administrator, to create an action status for your organization to use:

  1. From your menu, click Tenant settings

  2. Click Action status
  3. Specify the Title of each action status
  4. Specify the Colorof each column in one of the following ways:
    • Select a color from the color-picker
    • Alternatively, use to drop down to provide a valid CSS color value, for example:
      • HEX color code
      • HTML color name
      • RGB color code
      • RGBA color code
      • HSL color code
      • HSLA color code
  5. Columns appear on the action status table when you tick the Enabled checkbox.