Use track fields to organize your tracks on your tracks into logical groups.

As a tenant’s administrator, to create fields for your organization to use:

  1. From your menu, click Tenant settings

  2. Click Track fields
  3. Provide a name for your label
    • As you require, click Add again, and provide names for additional labels.
  4. Set the Default View to Grouped.
    • This applies the folder structure across your organization.
  5. Drag and drop fields into the Dashboard Grouping
  6. Move the fields around to create the structure you desire, to create a folder structure.
  7. Click Update to commit your labels

For example:

  • You need folders for each department and account to organize the tracks:


  • When starting tracks, members of your organization specify the fields you add:


  • The new track is under the Department > Account folder on the menu:


  • Challo creates new folders or reuses folders as necessary.