You can store your Challo content in an AWS bucket.

AWS configuration

To create an AWS bucket, see: Creating an AWS bucket.


  • To enable support for file version history you have to enable Bucket Versioning—see: AWS - Enable bucket versioning.
  • Currently, if you migrate to another datastore, previous versions of files do not migrate and are deleted from the original store.

By default, your AWS Blocks Public Access and you have to create an access key for Challo to use to connect to your bucket.

To set up access control to the bucket,

  1. Create an IAM User for Challo—See: Create an IAM user.
  2. Record the IAM user’s access key ID and secret access key—See: Managing access keys.
  3. Define suitable permissions for the user to access the Challo bucket.
    See: Walkthrough: Controlling Access to a Bucket with User Policies.
    • The Resource is the ARN of the bucket you make for Challo to use.
    • In step 4.2c, Challo requires the Action set to be: [s3:*], so that all actions are available to Challo.

Challo configuration

To configure Challo:

  1. Open your Profile menu > Tenant settings > Data Storage
  2. In the Type drop down, choose AWS
    Complete the configuration for your storage account as follows:
    Input fieldDescription
    Access KeyYour IAM user access key ID - Managing access keys.
    Security KeyTo The IAM User’s secret access key.
    Bucket NameThe name of your S3 bucket. For example: my-example-bucket.
    RegionThe AWS region where your bucket resides. For example us-east-1.
  3. Click Update