Challo stores the content of your tracks in a blob container of a storage account you provide.

Microsoft provide a number of storage account types. Challo requires an account type that supports the Blob service, see: Azure storage account overview.

This article assumes you are using a general-purpose v2 storage account.

Azure configuration

Storage account

To create a new storage account in Microsoft Azure follow the steps in: Azure—Create a general-purpose storage account. Challo requires that you set all of the following:

  • Storage account name, for Challo to reference it.
  • Secure transfer required to Enabled
  • Access Tier to Hot

Blob container

To create a new blob container: see Azure—Create a blob in object storage.


  • To enable support for file version history you have to Turn on versioning for blobs - see: Azure -Enable and manage blob versioning.
  • Currently, if you migrate to another datastore, previous versions of files do not migrate and are deleted from the original store.

Challo configuration

With an appropriate storage account and blob container (see: Azure Configuration BELOW), to configure Challo:

  1. From the menu, click Tenant settings


  2. Click Data Storage
  3. In the Type drop down, choose Azure
    Complete the configuration for your storage account as follows:


    Input fieldDescription
    Account NameThe storage account name in your Azure account
    Account KeyTo find your account key, see: Azure—Manage storage account settings.
    Container NameThe name of the blob container in the Blobs section of your storage account
  4. Click Update

For an overview of what Challo stores in your data storage account see Setting up Challo.