CafeX stores the content of your workspaces in a blob container of a storage account you provide.

Microsoft provide a number of storage account types. CafeX requires an account type that supports the Blob service.

This article assumes you are using a general-purpose v2 storage account.

Azure configuration

Storage account

To create a new storage account in Microsoft Azure follow the steps in: Azure—Create a general-purpose storage account. CafeX requires that you set all of the following:

  • Storage account name, for CafeX to reference it.
  • Secure transfer required to Enabled
  • Access Tier to Hot

Blob container

To create a new blob container: see Azure—Create a blob in object storage.


  • To enable support for file version history you have to Turn on versioning for blobs - see: Azure -Enable and manage blob versioning.
  • Currently, if you migrate to another datastore, previous versions of files do not migrate and are deleted from the original store.

CafeX configuration

With an appropriate storage account and blob container (see: Azure Configuration BELOW), to configure CafeX:

  1. Open your Profile menu > Tenant settings > Data Storage
  2. In the Type drop down, choose Azure
    Complete the configuration for your storage account as follows:


    Input fieldDescription
    Account NameThe storage account name in your Azure account
    Account KeyTo find your account key, see: Azure—Manage storage account settings.
    Container NameThe name of the blob container in the Blobs section of your storage account
  3. Click Update