After you complete setup and customization of Challo, you may want to verify that Challo works with your configurations.

Challo provides a spreadsheet that you can use to test some of the Challo functionality. Some tests may not apply to your organization or configuration. Test as appropriate.

Depending on your requirements, you may want to add more tests.

The spreadsheet can generate test data, if you provide the following:

  • Your mailbox provider
    • This is either Google or Microsoft Office 365.
  • Your Challo assistant mailbox
    • The email address of your Challo assistant,
  • Your primary email address
    • An email address of someone in your organization,
  • Your secondary email address
    • An email address of someone else in your organization,
  • An external email address
    • If applicable, An email address of someone external to your organization.

Duplicate the following spreadsheet, which contains tests that you can use to verify your integrations and setup, so that you can modify necessary fields: