One way to automate workspace creation is to use email tags to control how a Challo assistant creates your workspaces. You specify tags at the start of the email to create a workspace that you send to your Challo assistant. You can specify the following tags:

Email tagDescriptionExample
#member:Specify an email address of a member to add to the workspace.
Use one tag for each member to add.
Use this tag if you cannot provide addresses in the To, or CC fields of the email.
#field:[field name]=Specify the [field name] that are applicable for your tenancy.
Use one tag for each field to provide.
Add more than one tag to specify more fields

See: Using workspace fields



  • Email tags have to start on the first line of the email.
  • Each email tag must appear on it’s own line.
  • Workspace assistants ignore email tags, email tags only apply to emails to create workspaces.