You can setup a Challo assistant mailbox for your organization to use on a number of mail service providers—see: Configuring your Challo assistant mailbox.

Challo does not specify the email clients members of your organization use. There are numerous clients and some restrict how you operate Challo and your assistants. Sometimes the combination of client and provider also restricts how you operate Challo. 

Challo does not document third-party applications, however understanding these scenarios may help use Challo more efficiently.

Known restrictions are as follows:

Using an Outlook client with a G Suite mailbox

Sending calendar events with attachments

If you have a G Suite mailbox and use Outlook to send a meeting with attachments to your Challo assistant, Challo only receives an email with the attachments, and no event details; because there is no calendar attachment Challo cannot schedule a meeting.

Google Apps provides the following work around:

  1. Create a meeting and add your attachments
  2. Include your Challo assistant
  3. Click File > Save As
  4. In the save dialog, select the format iCalendar (.ics)
  5. Click Save
  6. Attach the saved .ics file to the meeting
  7. Send the meeting invitation.

Alternatively, schedule the meeting with attachments using Google Calendar.