You can start chats and conversations with one or more members of your tenancy.

Challo provides the following ways to start conversations:

Every track that you create has a chat channel, see: Chatting with track members.

Chat supports unicode character sets, including emojis; however, Challo does not convert plain characters into emoji.

Including hyperlinks in chat messages

If you include hyperlinks in your conversations, Challo retrieves the social sharing data from the destination and includes it in the chat.

For example, a link to a news article displays in the chat like the following:

Including images or other content in chat messages

You can add an image, or another file (for example, a PDF), directly into a chat conversation.

To add an image or other content to a conversation:

  • Drag and drop the file into the chat box, or
  • Click the attachment button (), then browse for the file to upload.

When you add content to chat channels in this way, the content is added to the track resources.

Managing your favorite conversations

Use the star button ( or ) to manage your favorite conversations.

Favourite conversations appear on your home screen and also on the chat panel of the menu.

Mentioning another person in chat

If you type @ in the chat box, a menu with other track members appears. As you continue to type, the menu filters available members that match the name you provide. When you send your message, Challo sends a notification to the track member.

Receiving chat notifications

If you are not viewing the chat, Challo sends desktop and mobile notifications for chat messages.

You can configure the notifications you receive for each direct chat and channel that you are a member of.

To configure chat notifications:

  1. Open the chat, or track
  2. Click the notification button ()
  3. Under the appropriate chat push notification set:
    • None—To receive no notifications.
    • Mentions only—To only receive notifications if someone @ mentions you by name.
    • All messages—To receive notifications for every chat message.
    • Use your profile settings— See: Updating your profile.

To configure missed message emails:

A missed message email includes an email summary for unread mentions and direct messages. It is sent hourly, or at a frequency that you select.

  1. Open the track menu.
  2. Find the track and click it to open the track preview.
  3. Click the notification button ().
  4. Under Missed message email, set an appropriate frequency to receive an email summary for unread mentions and direct messages

See also: Receiving Challo notifications