Presenting content allows meetings participants to view the same portion of a document as the presenter. As a presenter navigates a document, meeting participants accompany the presenter, so that everyone can see the same part of the document at the same time. As a presenter, you do not share your screen, instead CafeX opens a view to display the document.

Presenting content ensures that only the documents is visible during a meeting, because you can only present CafeX content. Other sensitive information, such as application windows, or pop-up alerts remain out of sight.


  • CafeX gives meeting guests temporary access to content as you present it during a meeting, that they cannot open track content otherwise.
  • Track members can view track content even if you do not present it.

You can present the following CafeX content:

  • Any content from a track that you use to host a meeting.
  • Any content that you upload to a chat channels or direct messages that you use to host a meeting.

You can present the following file types during a meeing:

  • PDFs
  • Image files (Including: PNG, GIF, and JPEG)
  • Google drive files (Including: Docs, Sheets, and Slides)

To present content:

  1. During a meeting, click the present button
  2. Follow the dialog on screen to select the content to present.

To stop presenting, click the present button.

During a presentation, you can stop following the presenter and navigate the document on your own. To continue following the presenter, click You are no longer following the presenter.

Track content presentation permissions

A track coordinator can set permissions to control how meeting participants present content. See: Track presentation permissions.