If your administrator install and enables the Challo Microsoft OneDrive application, you can use your OneDrive account to add documents to tracks.

To add a OneDrive document to a track, use the Add menu—See: Using the Add menu to share application content.

When a track member views a file from OneDrive, Challo directs you to the Microsoft document viewer with an document access token to view the content.

Important: The Microsoft document viewer restricts the maximum size of document that you can view. To view a large file, download it and open it on your local machine.

Open the ellipse menu() to take the following actions:

Menu optionDescription
Click DownloadTo download the file to your computer or mobile device.
Click Open in new windowTo open the document in a new window.
If you have privilege you can edit the document.
Click Upload a new versionTo upload a new version of the document to replace the old one.

Sharing a OneDrive folder in tracks

If you add a OneDrive folder to your Challo track, then all track members can do the following:

  • Browse the content you can see in the folder.
  • Open the content you can open in the folder.
  • Browse and open any content inside of other sub-directories in the folder.

As with all track content, when you use an application to share a resource on a track, all track members see the resource as you see it. If you cannot see specific files or folders in a folder you share then track members cannot see this content either.

Important: If someone adds new content to a OneDive folder that you share on a track, all track members can see the new content.

Upload documents into OneDrive folders

To upload documents to a OneDrive folder:

  1. Open the folder view in your track
  2. Click Upload
  3. Select the files to upload

If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file into a OneDrive folder, the existing file is replaced with the new version.

Important: All track members, including those from other organizations, can upload files into your OneDrive folder.