If your tenant’s administrator integrates your Challo account with your organization’s Google Drive, you can add links to documents you host in Google Drive, such as: Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.

There are multiple ways to add content from Google Drive:

Using the Add menuYou can add folders and documents from Google Drive using the Add menu.
See: Using the Add menu to share application content.
Using a linkTo share a file from Google Drive using a link on your track, Challo has to have access to the file, see:  Sharing resources.

From Google Drive, Get shareable link for the document—See: Share files from Google Drive.

If a track member signs into Challo using their Google credentials to view this type of file, if they have permissions the documents opens in Google Drive. For example, someone with permission can edit a document from inside the track:

For someone without permission or without Google credentials views a document, they see a PDF view of the document. Challo generates the PDF on their behalf. For example:

If you add a document from Google Drive and the title on the track is: Unauthorized Document it means Challo does not have permission to view the file. Track members with permission to view the document can do so; however, Challo cannot provide a PDF of the document for the track members without permission to see the original document.

See: Integrating with G Suite

Sharing Google Drive folders in tracks

If you add a Google Drive folder to your Challo track, then all track members can do the following:

  • Browse the content you can see in the folder.
  • Open the content you can open in the folder.
  • Browse and open any content inside of other folders in the folder.

As with all track content, when you use an application to share a resource on a track, all track members see the resource as you see it. If you cannot see specific files or folders in a folder you share then track members cannot see this content either.

Important: If someone adds new content to a Google Drive folder that you share on a track, all track members can see the new content.

Upload documents into Google Drive folders

To upload documents to a Google Drive folder:

  1. Open the folder view in your track
  2. Click Upload
  3. Select the files to upload

If you upload a document with the same name as an existing document, the Google folder contains two files with the same name.

Important: All track members, including those from other organizations, can upload files into your Google Drive folder.