If your tenant’s administrator installs and configures applications for you to use, use the add menu to share content resources to your Challo tracks.
See also: Managing applications


  • When you use an application to share a resource on a track, all track members see the resource as you see it.
  • Tracks provide scope for content you choose to share.  Members from outside of your organization can see content when you use Challo to share it.
  • Challo uses the track member’s account to display the content they share.

The following applications are available to you:

ApplicationTenant’s accountTrack member’s accountDetails
BoxNoYesSee: Sharing content from Box
Google CalendarNot availableNoDoes not use your office suite integration.
Lets track members use their personal calendars.
See: Scheduling a meeting.
Google DriveYesYesUses Office suite integration.
See: Sharing content from Google Drive
Microsoft CalendarNot availableNoDoes not use your office suite integration.
Lets track members use their personal calendars.
See: Scheduling a meeting.
Microsoft OneDriveNoYesSee: Sharing content from Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePointNoYesYou can only see SharePoint sites from the organization you are part of.
Microsoft TeamsNoYesYou can only see Teams from the organization you are part of. See: Sharing content from Microsoft Teams
SalesforceNoYesIf the tenant’s administrator sets Sandbox-mode, it has to apply to all accounts.
See: Sharing content from Salesforce
SlackYesYesShare public channels only.
SmartsheetsNoYesUses Publish the sheet to add your Smartsheet to the track.
  • Smartsheets—Sharing Permission Levels.
  • Sharing content from Smartsheets

Applications appear on your ADD menu if your tenant’s administrator configures one of the following:

  • Configures an office suite integration for your entire organization.
  • Configures an application account for your organization.
  • Allows track members to add their own application accounts.

If you cannot see an application on your add menu, it is likely that your tenant’s administrator has to configure it.

To understand how Challo displays resources you add to a track, see: Sharing resources.

Adding resources to a track

Challo provides dialogues to add content from applications. Use the dialog to search for your content, or browse through folders.

To add a resource from an application to a track:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Click the appropriate application.
  3. If necessary, choose an account from Accounts.
    Some applications provide the following ways to access your content:
    • Use an integration for your organization.
    • Allow you to configure your own accounts. See: Adding your own account BELOW.
  4. Use the dialog to find and select a resource to add to the track.
    For example, the following dialog is for adding Salesforce content:


  5. When you are ready click Add.

Adding your own account

You can add your own account for applications that your administrator allows and enables.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Click the appropriate application.
  3. Choose Accounts > Add account…
  4. Follow the on screen instructions, read the permissions, then click Allow.
    For example, Salesforce requires you allow the following permissions:


  5. Challo connects to your application account.
  6. In your track, reload Challo and your accounts appears under Accounts.

Important: If you are no longer a track member of a track that uses your account to access content, track members can still read the content in the track.

Adding your own calendar

Typically, Challo uses an office suite integration to manage your calendar events on your behalf and allow others to preview your schedule.  The office suite integration uses the identity that your organization provides you to connect to your calendar.

You can connect your own calendar to use with Challo, if your tenant’s administrator does the following:

  • Not install an office suite integration.
  • Enables and Allows members accounts for the Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar applications—See: configuring an application.

To connect your own calendar:

  1. From the menu, click your avatar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click Connect Google Calendar, or Connect Microsoft Office365 Calendar

  4. Follow the instructions to associate your account.

After you connect a calendar with Challo, the following features are available:

  • Challo shows future meetings under Up Next on the homescreen.
  • Challo checks your meeting events to link them to appropriate Challo tracks.
  • Others use your Challo identity to check your availability if they schedule a meeting.
  • Challo sends invitation from the account that you connect to the guests you add to meetings.

Important: The calendar you connect to Challo does not have to match your Challo identity.

Removing your own accounts

To remove your own accounts from Challo:

  1. From the menu, click your avatar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Under Your application accounts, click to remove an account

Important: After you remove your account, Challo cannot access the content and resources you have shared on tracks. Track members may not be able to access the content, unless they have explicit permission to access the content.