It is helpful to create a breakout room when some of the members of a track need to work together on a smaller task that relates to your original topic. Breakout rooms allow you to add content, invite members, and hold your own meetings away from the original track.

You use a breakout room like a track, with the following differences:

  • You can promote track content.
    • This moves the content back to your original track that you start the breakout room from.


  • Breakout room members do not have to be members of the original track. They do not have access to any of the original track content unless they are made a member of the track.
  • If you invite someone to a breakout room, they receive an email with a direct link to the access the breakout room. They have to use this link to access the breakout room.
  • If you delete the original track, the breakout room ends too.

Starting a breakout room

To start a breakout room on a track:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Click Add breakout room.
  3. Give your breakout room a name.

Entering a breakout room

If you are a member of the original track, to enter a breakout room:

  1. Click the breakout room under the track resources.
  2. Click Enter room.

If you are a member of a breakout room, but not a member of the original track, to enter the breakout room:

  1. Find the email that invites you to enter the track.
  2. Use to the link in the email to access the track.

From the breakout room, you can add content and members as if you using a track’s features.

When you are in a breakout room the heading of the original track name and the name of your breakout room is present.

For example:

  • A track with the title: Example track, and
  • A breakout room with the title: My breakout,
  • Displays the title: Example track : My breakout

To go back to the original track:

  1. Click the title of the breakout room.

Promoting content

When you promote content in a breakout room, it is made available on parent track that the breakout room is part of.

You can promote the following control from a breakout room:

  • File uploads
  • Application content
  • Links
  • Meeting recordings

To promote content:

  1. Click the content to view it from the track.
  2. Click Promote.

Scheduling a meeting in a breakout room

You cannot schedule meetings in a breakout rooms using the menu. Instead, you have a schedule a meeting from inside the breakout room.

To schedule a meeting in a breakout room:

  1. Enter the breakout room
  2. Click Add > Schedule meeting
  3. For Choose a track for your meeting, select This track
  4. Continue scheduling your meeting.

See also: Scheduling a meeting