Important: Track actions are only available to specific accounts. If you think you will benefit using them, contact your Challo sales representative.

Use an action to record a work item or a deliverable that relates to your track.

To view your track action status board, click ACTIONS


The default action status board has the following columns available to organize your actions by their status:

  • Not set
  • Failing
  • At risk
  • On track
  • Done

Your organization may configure different action statūs for you to use. As an administrator, to alter your own action status, see: Using action status.

To view an action in more detail, click it.

Viewing your actions

To view only actions that have you as the owner, click Show my actions.

Creating a track action

To create an action:

  1. From the ACTIONS panel
  2. Click the button over the appropriate column
  3. Complete the dialog
  4. Click Add

To make changes to an action, click Update action.

You can move an action to different column, to change its status.

Use Copy action link to share links with other track members.

When you create an action, your organization can have additional fields for you to complete.

To create custom fields for your organization, see: Using custom fields.

If your administrator configures action links, there are Links for you to associate actions with one another. If you add an outward link to an action, the corresponding action automatically has an inward link. Similarly, setting an inward link automatically sets a corresponding outward link.

For example:

  • Fill kettle blocks Boil kettle
  • Boil kettle is blocked by Fill kettle


As an administrator, to create action links for your organization, see: Using action link types.