Each workspace has a channel that you use to chat with other workspace members.

To chat with workspace members, either:

  • Use the Chat panel on the workspace overview
  • Click See all on the chat panel to open the workspace chat view.

Messages that you send to the workspace channel are visible to all workspace members.

Chat is persistent. If you leave a workspace, then come back later, the chat messages remain.

You can also:

For more information about chat, see: Using chat.

Chatting with meeting guests

Meetings guests are participants you invite to meetings, that are not workspace members.

During a meeting, the track channel is open to meeting guests. During a meeting, guests can do the following:

  • See messages on the workspace chat channel during the meeting.
  • Send messages to the workspace chat channel, during a meeting.


  • Meeting guests cannot see any channel history before they join the meeting.
  • After a meeting guest leaves, they can no longer see any historical messages.
  • If there are guests present, workspace members see a message warning them that guests can see their messages.

Receiving chat notifications

If you are not viewing the workspace chat, Challo sends desktop and mobile notifications for chat messages. See: Receiving notifications from Challo.

Linking other chat channels to your workspace

You can link the following chat channels integrations to your Challo workspace:

  • Slack channel
  • Microsoft Teams channel

After you link a chat channel with your workspace messages transfer between both chats:

  • Messages that you send to the workspace chat are sent to the channels you link to.
  • Messages that you send in a chat channel are sent to the workspace chat.

You can link more than one channel with a workspace, so that you can relay and federate messages between all channels.

For example, if you link a Slack channel and a Microsoft Teams channel with your workspace. Someone using Slack can send messages to someone using Microsoft Teams. Workspace members not using either channel can use the workspace chat to send messages.

To link a channel to a workspace:

  1. Add the chat channel to the workspace.
    See: Using the Add menu to share application content.
  2. Open the chat channel asset.
  3. Click the ellipse () > Link channel

Managing workspace chat permissions

As a workspace coordinator, you control who can chat and comment on workspace resources. You specify which of the following roles can view chat and send messages on the workspace you coordinate:

  • Meeting guests—non-workspace members that join meetings
  • Viewers
  • Collaborators
  • Coordinators

See also: Workspace member role permissions.

Administrators can configure the chat permissions for your organization—see: Managing chat settings.

As a workspace coordinator, to configure the chat settings for a workspace:

  1. Open your workspace.
  2. Click Workspace configuration > Configure workspace.
  3. Enable or disable the view chats permission for each role.
  4. Enable or disable the send chats permissions for each role.

If you change permissions roles with more or less privilege automatically update accordingly.

Administrators can configure the default settings for workspace that coordinators create in your organization—see: Managing the default workspace settings.