To manage track members, click the Members button on the track:


The Members panel lists all of a track’s members and shows each participant’s:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Avatar

Adding a member to a track

To add a new member to a track:

  1. From the members panel
  2. Click Add member ()
  3. Select Notify these new members by email as necessary
    • If you turn it on, Challo sends an email invitation to new members of your track.
    • If you turn it off, Challo does not send an email invitations.  New track members can still access the track, if they sign in.
  4. Enter their email address
  5. Select a track role
  6. Provide a Message to include
  7. Click Add

Individuals using Challo need to sign up before they access your track. If necessary, the email Challo sends prompts them to complete sign up before they continue.  If you turn off Notify these new members by emailthey do not receive any notifications from the track. You have to ask them to sign up to use Challo so that they can access the track.

In the members list, track coordinators see (Waiting on Invitation) next to the name of any members of a track who are yet to sign up.

Setting the role of a track member

As a track coordinator, to edit a track member’s role, use the Edit member button().

Member role permissions

After you add a member to a track, assign one of the following roles:

RoleTrack contentTrack membershipChatLive Session
CoordinatorView, add, remove, editView, add, remove, editYes, by defaultYes
CollaboratorView, add, remove, editViewYes, by defaultYes
ViewerViewViewYes, by defaultYes
GuestA guest is not a member of a track. A guest is someone you invite to join in a meeting.
Guests only see the content of the live session. Guests cannot see any of the track content or track membership, unless another member shares their screen content during the live session.
By default, Guests can participate in chat during the meeting. Guests can see the chat channel of a track during a meeting they cannot see historical messages before the meeting starts.


  • If necessary, administrators can add themselves as members and elevate their role to coordinator.
  • Track coordinators set the permissions for member roles to view and send chat messages—See: Managing track chat permissions.

In addition:

  • The creator of a track is the track owner by default.
  • The track creator is also a track coordinators, by default.
  • Only track coordinators delete the tracks they own.
  • You can assign more than one coordinator to a track.
  • A track has one and only one track owner.

A tenant’s administrator can also manage tracks. See: Managing members’ tracks.

For information about how members interact with Challo assistants, see: Using Challo assistants.

Removing track members

As a track coordinator, to remove a member from a track, use the Remove member button ().

Removing yourself from a track

Unless you are the only coordinator on a track, to remove yourself from the track:

  1. Click Members
  2. Click Remove member ()
  3. Click Remove next to your list entry.
  4. Click Confirm

If you are the only track coordinator, you have to assign someone else as an alternative coordinator before you remove yourself from the track.

Adding members from another Challo tenancy

When you invite a member from outside of your Challo tenancy, your track appears on their menu. See: Viewing tracks from other organizations.

Transferring track ownership

A track owner can transfer ownership to another track member. See: Transferring ownership of a track.