Leaving a track

To leave a track

  1. Go to your track.
  2. Click Members.
  3. Depending on your role do the following:
    • If you are not a track coordinator:
      1. Click Leave track.
    • If you are a track coordinator:
      1. Click remove members )
      2. Select yourself to remove.
      3. Click Confirm.

Important: Every track requires at least one track coordinator, you cannot leave a track if you are the only coordinator of it. 

Ending a track

To end a track:

  1. Go to your track’s OVERVIEW
  2. Click Configure
  3. Click Delete
  4. Click Confirm Delete

You can no longer access the track, or the track content. Challo removes the track from your menu.

If you end a track, all the track breakout rooms end too.

Challo does keep an archive of your track. Your tenant’s administrator can restore tracks that you delete, see: Managing members’ tracks.