When someone creates a track, they are the track owner.  Track owners are always track coordinators.  Track owners can transfer ownership to new owner, even if they are part of another organization.

As a track owner, to transfer the ownership of a track you send a track ownership request to someone signed up to use Challo.

  • If they do not accept the request, you remain the track owner.
  • If they do accept the request, they become the track owner and a track coordinator.

Tracks that the members of your organization own are part of your tenancy.  A track obeys the tenant’s settings that it is part of. If a track owner changes and a track becomes part of another tenancy, the different tenant’s settings apply.

Important: When a track becomes part of a different tenancy, the track assistant email address changes to obey the different tenancy settings.

Sending a transfer ownership request

As a track owner to send a transfer ownership request:

  1. Go to your track.
  2. Click Configure track.
  3. Provide a suitable email address in Transfer request.
  4. Click Update.

You can also assign a track owner when you create a track.  If the track owner you assign is from another organization and they automatically accept transfer requests from you, the create track dialog updates to include any custom track fields they require.

Accepting a transfer ownership request

After you accept a track transfer request:

  • You become the track owner.
  • You become a coordinator of the track.
  • The track becomes part of your tenancy.
  • The track obeys your tenant’s settings.

If the track moves between tenancies, it can affect what track members see.

If you decline the track transfer request, there are no changes; the track owner does not change.

Handling track ownership transfer requests automatically

You can automatically accept or decline track transfer requests from track owners, or members of a tenancy.

To manage your automatic track transfer settings:

  1. From the menu, click your avatar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Under Track transfer settings:
    • Adda new behavior and follow the instructions on screen.
      1. Provide an Email address to handle transfer requests from.
      2.  Set the Scope
        • User—handle requests from the email you provide
        • Tenant—handle requests from anyone in the same tenancy as the email you provide.
      3. Set your Response.
    • Delete or Edit an existing setting.