In a workspace, you can view all of the Assets as entries.

Each entry has a context menu.

To open the context menu, click on the asset and then click the ellipse ()

Use the context menu to do the following:

  • Open in a new window—To opens the entry in a new browser window.
  • Show history—To see workspace members interact with the entry.
  • Show comments—To see comments that workspace members leave on the entry.
  • Show approvals—To manage the approval of an entry.

Viewing workspace asset history

Each workspace asset has its own history, that records the following:

  • When a workspace member uploads content.
  • The last time each workspace member views the content.

Viewing workspace asset comments

Each workspace asset, has its own comments channel. Use the comments channel to work with other workspace members.

If you click a comment, you can reply underneath it. Send replies if you need to leave feedback relating to a specific comment, reducing the number of messages sent to the comment channel.

You cannot link comment channels to the workspace chat channel, or with other chat integrations.

See also: Chatting with workspace members

Managing workspace asset approvals

As a workspace coordinator, or collaborator, you can request the approval of a workspace asset, from workspace members.

To request an approval for an asset:

  1. Open the asset you wish to approve.
  2. Open the Approvals panel.
  3. Provide the email addresses of approvers. Approvers have to be workspace members.
  4. Click Request.
  5. Challo sends an email notification to the approvers.

You can then manage the approval, by doing the following tasks:

  • To remove an approver, click the cross next to their name
  • To add more people to the approval, enter their email address and click Request.

To complete an outstanding approval request:

  1. Open the asset.
  2. Open the Approvals panel.
  3. As you require, click Approve or Decline.


  • If you upload a new version, or update the content of an asset, Challo maintains approval responses from previous versions. The approval status does not change or reset.
  • You can request approval from an a workspace member more than once.

Approving content for presentation

As a workspace coordinator, you can configure the workspace presentation permissions to only allow the presentation of content that has approval during a meeting—see: Workspace presentation permissions.

See also: Presenting content during a meeting.