To update or configure the details of a track:

  1. Go to your track
  2. Open the track OVERVIEW
  3. Click Configure
  4. Update your track:

  5. Click Update

The following configuration items are available:

TitleThe track title, as it appears on the menu.
SubtitleProvides a short subtitle for your track.
SummaryProvides a long and detailed description of your track.
Record meetingsEnable to automatically record all meetings that track members have on the track.
Icon and colorProvide a small image file to identify your track. If you do no set an icon, Challo displays the first character of the track title.
Request transferSee: Transferring ownership of a track
Default viewWhen members open the track, the track resource you specify loads. If you do not specify a track resources, members load the track overview.
Track presentation permissionsControl if track members can present track content during a meeting—See: track presentation permissions.
Chat access settingsSet the permissions for member roles to view and send chat messages—See: Managing track chat permissions.

In addition, use this dialog to set and update track fields. See: Using track fields.

Track presentation permissions

As a track coordinator, you can configure the track presentation permissions to only allow the presentation of content that has approval during a meeting.

To configure the track presentation permission, select a suitable permission from the of the following:

  • Allow presentation of track content—During a meeting, a track member can present any content.
  • Only allow presentation of approved track content—During a meeting, a track member requires an approval before they can present content.
  • Prevent presentation of track content—During a meeting, track members cannot present track content.

If you select Only allow presentation of approved track content, during a meeting, you can present track content, only if the following conditions are met:

  • You complete an approval request for the content.
  • Everyone on the approval request responds.
  • Everyone approves the content, and no one declines it.

See: Managing track approvals.

Important: Track members can still open and view the content. Use this setting This settings supports track members presenting to guests, who do not have access to track content.

See: Presenting track content during a meeting.