Meetings let participants assemble and communicate in real time, using your browser or phone.

You can start meetings in tracks, or without a track.

You can start a meeting in the following ways:

  • From a track—every Challo track has a meeting that is ready for members to connect to.
  • Using the meeting panel, from your menu.

Starting a meeting from a Challo track

To  start a meeting from your Challo track:

  1. Click Meet Now


  2. If your browser prompts you to allow sharing your camera and microphone, click on Allow.
    See: Setting up voice and video

Starting a meeting using the meeting panel

You can schedule a meeting, or start a meeting immediately, using the meeting panel. See: Scheduling a meeting.

Further reading

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Leaving a Meeting

To leave a meeting click Leave the meeting


While the track is active, the meeting is always available to use. Track members are able to join the meeting with the same details, this starts a new session.