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After a meeting
Add more content to the resource track

You can share files when you visit a track. For example: You may want to share additional documents after a meeting.

Challo gives you the flexibility to manage your activities from within a track.

See: Sharing content in your track

Invite more members to your track

Adding members means the right people are working on tasks.

See: Managing track members

Replay your meeting recordings

Recordings of all your meeting sessions remain on your track so that nothing is lost.  Track members can replay your meeting and read the transcripts that Challo generates, so that everyone knows what occurs on your track.

See: Meeting recordings and transcripts

Use your existing tools:
Add a Slack channel

If your administrator configures a slack integration, you can use Challo to show a log of a slack channel on a track.

See: Using applications on the Add menu

Schedule a subsequent meeting

A track does not end when the meeting finishes. You schedule follow up meetings to check progress and review your actions. All your meetings, conversations, and content for follow up meetings remain available on the track.

See: Scheduling a meeting