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Before a meeting
Schedule a meeting and start a track.Holding meetings are an important part of tracks. Often, when starting a track you want to schedule a meeting along side it.  When you schedule an event from a calendar invite, you use your existing scheduling tools; there is no need for plugins or extra configuration.

When you start a track, your participants receive an email from your Challo assistant, letting them know the track is ready to use.

To start a track, see: Starting a track using your calendar

Request documents before a meeting starts.If you request that people share documents before a meeting starts, it gives everyone enough time to read the content.

Challo fits into your existing processes, so there is no need to force users away from the tools they are comfortable with.  A track collects all of the content into a single place, for use during and after working sessions.

To share documents on the track before the meeting starts, you or your participants reply to the email your Challo assistant sends you.

See: Sending content to a track

Share a Google documentYour track collates your conversations that happen across the other tools you use.  If you share content to someone in another application, then you can share it with your track too.
For example: You can share a document from your google drive account on your track, by sending an email to the Challo assistant that contains a shareable link to the document.

Your administrator has to set up integrations that are available to you. See: Managing applications

See: Sharing content from Google Drive

Visit the trackThe track provides a location to read and review everything that you are collecting.

Your meeting is held in this location too; all the content is available before, during and after, your working sessions.

See: Your tracks