Email is the most ubiquitous tools we have to foster collaboration between businesses.  In this article we see how you can use email with Challo to seamlessly manage the projects where you collaborate across company borders.

Challo uses collaborative workspaces as tracks to solve the limitations that unified communications and collaboration applications have when internal and external teams need to work together. Your Challo assistant lets you drive your track workspace using your email client, without even having to open Challo.

Start a workspace

If you are using Challo, your organization sets up an assistant that you can email to start a new track workspace.  This means, there is no need to open the application to start coordinating on a new topic. All you have to do is add the assistant’s address to an email that you are already sending. Then Challo creates the new track for you.  The people you include in the email are also invited to the track workspace to collaborate with you.

Gather content

Challo also provides an assistant on each track, so that you can direct emails straight there to continue gathering content.  Your fellow collaborators can send emails to the assistant too. For a given topic, use tracks to collect all of the relevant communications into a single place.  This means you keep a record of what you’ve been discussing by email. Challo assistants makes decisions on how to manage the content. When the track assistant receives an email, it inspects it, and then can perform the following actions:

  • Files you attach to emails are uploaded to the track.
  • Hyperlinks you include in your emails are selected and added to the track.
  • Hyperlinks to application content, such as Google Drive, or Jira are added with the context of the original application.

Challo also gives your track members who are external to your organization, or applications you use, a view of the content.

Sending emails to automatically gather content facilitates teams who need to review content. The benefit of emailing your Challo assistant is that you can choose what and when something is available on the track.  For Example, it may be that you only need to capture key points during a project, so you only email your Challo assistant when it is necessary, and it becomes a great way to track progress during your existing workflow.

Bring your own storage

Challo understands the importance of security and compliance, and that’s no different when you setup your Challo assistant for your organization.  Challo lets you bring your own mailbox. This means that you can provide your own corporate mailbox to use as a Challo assistant. You utilize your existing emails and datastores to maintain control of the emails that Challo adds to your workspaces.


In summary:

  • Email is ubiquitous
    • Email is already an active part of your process
    • Email is often a notifications to start or complete a task
  • However email alone has some fundamental issues:
    • Email is hard to collate information
    • There is often input from many sources
  • Using a Challo assistant:
    • It is an unobtrusive way to collate and gather information, from different sources
    • Captures existing workflow, process and outcomes.
    • You can bring your own mailbox
      • To continue to use a corporate email mailbox.
      • Your organization can manage the emails and interaction with your datastore.