For an introduction to Challo and its benefits see: What is Challo?

If you are a tenant’s administrator and you want to know how to configure Challo for your organization, see: Setting up Challo.

Challo makes your meetings more efficient.  It does this by making you more effective during your meetings. Achieve goals using Challo by engaging all of your meeting participants. Your tracks help you to organize the content you need before a meeting starts so that you have all of the relevant material available when it is time for you to meet.  Tracks are available after a meeting, so that you can continue to work on your tasks and share output with other track members.

Use the following table to learn to use Challo:

Other examples
After a meeting
During a meeting
Before a meeting
To begin
Sign up and log inTo start using Challo:

You only have to log in once to initiate your account; afterwards, Challo is ready to use.

Typically, before a meeting starts, you perform the following tasks:
  • Start a new track
  • Schedule a live session and invite members
  • Request documents before the meeting starts
  • Share google documents

Your Challo assistant helps you with all of these tasks. See: Using Challo before a meeting starts

During a meeting, you are going to perform the following tasks:
  • Join a live session
  • Share your screen with other track members
  • Use text chat
  • Create and assign actions

See: Using Challo during a meeting

After a meeting, you perform the following tasks:
  • Add more content to the resource track
  • Invite other members to your track, so you can work together
  • Review your live session recordings

See: Using Challo after a meeting

Holding an on the spot meetingSee: Using Challo for an on the spot meeting
Long term objectivesSee: Using Challo to manage a long term objective
Short term objectivesSee: Using Challo to manage a short term objective
Using Challo with members from outside your organizationSee: Using Challo with members of another organization