Cross-company collaboration happens when two or more organizations start working together. When working together, companies are more effective and can provide more competitive services for their customers.

Challo provides a way for businesses to collaborate securely by using:

  • Persistent workspaces that members use for specific topics.
  • Application integrations to provide all members with a view of application content.
  • An intuitive way to manage permissions.
  • Private and group chats.
  • Calendar availability, to schedule meetings at suitable times for all members.

Sharing content

When one or more organizations collaborate, it can be hard for individuals to share their work with one another, in a consistent way. If you share work by sending emails to people who are part of another organization, you are likely to encounter some common issues. Typically, while making revisions during a project, you end up with multiple copies of documents, and you may lose track of comments that your reviewers make.

Once your email crosses the boundary of your organization, you lose control. If you are only using email, it may be preventing you from sharing valuable information with partners because your compliance and audit policies stop you sharing sensitive information in this way.

A solution is to manage your company’s documents by using a cloud file synchronization service. This means you control and manage the master copies of files. This is ideal for using your corporate identity for tracking modifications, however, it’s not ideal for external collaborators for the following reasons:

  • You cannot track or audit guest users; and they often receive a limited feature set.
  • You have to signup for an account; if each company uses different applications you end up with lots of isolated accounts to manage.

All the members of a Challo workspace have a consistent view of the content you share. By using Challo application integrations, members without access to the applications you use can see content. Members who have access to the application continue using the interface they are familiar with. Challo manages the permissions so members can only see what you share with them. When a project or a task ends, you close the workspace or remove the content, then external collaborators no longer have access.

Scheduling meetings

If you setup your Challo calendar integration, workspace members can see your availability. Then they can schedule an appropriate time for a meeting without having to ask you directly. You join meetings in Challo using your desktop or mobile browser; there are no plugins or applications to install. Meetings start on time and workspace content is at hand, ready for you to discuss.