Challo helps enterprises to collaborate with each other securely.  Using Challo, organizations can:

  • coordinate meetings
  • share content
  • collect actions and outcomes.

Challo takes its name from an Indian word that means ‘Let’s get going’. Challo helps people work together in ways that today’s collaboration tools can not easily support.

Challo streamlines how companies work with their partners and end-customers around persistent topics.

Challo uses tracks as collaborative workspaces, to bring together distributed content and people into one place. Challo enables people to chat with each other, hold video meetings, share files, and review information.

Meetings assemble people for a particular purpose.  Challo works with your existing tools to provide context and organization for a meeting’s journey from start to finish:

  • Before the meeting
    • we schedule the meeting
    • gather content
    • create agendas
    • review documents.
  • During the meeting
    • we discuss the content and topic
    • work together to generate or update content
    • assign actions.
  • After the meeting
    • we process actions
    • create responses
    • hold quick chats about what people are working on
    • schedule follow up meetings to validate what work is done.

Challo keeps all of this together in a persistent track. Meetings are only part of the journey; tracks keep progress on course between meetings too.

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What is a track?

A track is a journey relating to a topic. Tracks organize your:

  • documents and files
  • emails
  • meetings and live sessions
  • actions and minutes
  • chats and conversations
  • participants that you include.

Track members collaborate and work on content at the same time or separately from each another. Members may schedule simultaneous working sessions, or manage activities over a longer duration.

Challo lets you share content from your cloud storage without having to copy it, and provides access to all track members, including those from outside of your organization.

Tracks include a Challo assistant to pick up emails and add content to your track.

What is a meeting or live session?

A meeting is where track participants connect together with voice and video from their browser, or using a phone. Your track hosts a meeting and this where you collaborate in real time. Challo collects everything that happens with the content you share and adds it to your track. After a meeting ends, track participants can connect to the meeting again, to start a new session, when they need.

What can I add to a track?

Tracks support a huge variety of content. Track content includes the following:

  • web applications
  • emails and file attachments
  • meeting invites and events
  • metadata files
  • links to other resources, such as:
    • relevant websites
    • documents from your organization’s cloud storage service.

Challo provides tools to find and add content from a number of web applications, including Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, and Zendesk.

Use folders to organize your track.

When you add content to a track, you share it with all track members.

How do I access my track?

Challo tracks and meetings are accessible from your web browser or mobile web browser. Challo does not require any downloads.

When you create a track, Challo emails you a hyperlink to access it. You receive the email from a Challo assistant allowing you to start to interact with your track.

What is a Challo assistant?

Challo designates an assistant to each track. A Challo assistant picks up emails and takes actions for you, and collates everything within its track. You and your participants send emails to the Challo assistant to add content and interact with tracks while you are away from the Challo interface.

Use your native calendar tools to create tracks by inviting your assistant to your events.  When the Challo assistant receives your invitation, it creates a new track for you.

Within a few seconds the Challo assistant:

  • updates your original event with meeting details
  • sends a welcome email to every participant linking to your track in Challo
  • adds any content that you include on your invitation to the track.

What is cross-company collaboration?

When someone has to share content outside of an organization, they usually find a way. Often they send emails with copies of files, take screenshots of applications, or use even more elaborate ways to share content. During a project, this information quickly becomes out of date and your organization can no longer track the content that you share.

Challo gives administrators one place to manage access permissions, making it safe and easy to share original documents from your enterprise repository with those that you authorize from other companies.

For more information about cross-company collaboration, see: Cross-company collaboration.

Setting up Challo

If you are a system administrator, to set up Challo across your organization see: Setting up Challo.

When you are ready, see: Learning to use Challo.