General Availability Announcement FCSDK 3.0.5 & Live Assist 1.34.0

CaféX is pleased to announce General Availability of CaféX Fusion Client SDK 3.0.5 and Live Assist ® Release 1.34.0.

Product Overview

CaféX Fusion Client SDK & Live Assist as a live digital customer engagement solution not only provides in-application voice and video support via a simple API, but it also enables an enterprise user to see an online visitor’s web or mobile application screen, temporarily take control of the app to navigate for the visitor, draw on his or her screen using a simple pen tool, as well as push links, pictures and documents from a relevant knowledge base to the visitor. Live Assist is simple to set up, deploy and integrate, with only two lines of code needed for enablement within websites or mobile applications. Live Assist also supports voice/video and data channel integration with existing enterprise SIP infrastructures, including contact centers, unified communications platforms and MCUs.

Features / Functionality

FCSDK 3.0.5 introduces:

  • iOS: IPv6 support. Requirement for App Store submission
  • Android: H.264 improvements

FCSDK 3.0.5 fixes:

  • Critical Issue 009 - No media with inbound calls for Chrome 53
  • Critical Issue 008 - No media with inbound calls for Firefox 49

FCSK 3.0.5 deprecates:

  • Instant Messaging and Presence 

Live Assist 1.34.0 introduces:

  • iOS, Android, Web: As a developer, receive an error if starting a session when one is already active
  • Error callback when session already in progress
  • Issues with Android 6.0 Addressed
  • iOS Sample: Co-browse-only mode supported—now shows an End Support button
  • Specify the z-order of Shared Documents
  • Android 6 permissions support
  • Short Code Assist collision detection
  • All Platforms: Pause and Resume
  • View Permissions (Masking, View-only, Interactive)
  • Allow/Disallow API, Agent-state API and Agent meta-data
  • iOS: Masking, View-only, and Interactive permissions
  • Android: The Android sample application shipped with the Android SDK has changed from an Eclipse project to an Android Studio project. To use the sample, open up Android Studio and select File > Open, then select the android sample.


Available from

FCSDK 3.0.5 runs on FAS 2.5.2. You can either perform a new install or upgrade your existing FAS cluster. We recommend upgrading if you have applied SSL certificates to your cluster as they will be retained.

For any assistance or issues please contact

Steve Parfitt
Customer Support Manager

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