How do I know if FAS is running?

You can use following methods to verify if FAS is running:

Management Console

This is the most recommended way to check if FAS service is up and running, as it allow you to check if individual components are up and running:

You can access Management Console Via: https://<fas_master_node_ip>:9990

Once authenticated you should be able to see status of Master node showing, three processes "Active":


  • appserver
  • loadbalancer
  • management



If you are running HA cluster, change Server from Top-Left drop down to Select Slave node and click Done, you should see Two active processes showing Slave noad is running:

  • loadbalancer
  • appserver

Service Command

Following command can be used to check if fas service is running:

service fas status

Output of above command should either print PID for running FAS service or should indicate that Service is not running.

If Service is running and above command return a PID, proceed to check Java Process as below.

Java Process

Following command can be used to check if java process related to FAS server are running:

ps -ef | grep <pid from service fas status command> -wc

Output of above command will return:

- 6 If It is a FAS Master Node

- 5 If it is a FAS Slave Node

Although above command will confirm that Java Process is up and running but to make sure all modules have been started correctly, Management Console method outlined at the top if this article must be used.

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