How to Consume Short-Codes Agent SDK Side

This article follows on from the generating short-codes consumer article and it's recommended that you work through that article first to setup your consumer app.

Further, this article assumes you are building your own Agent Console using the AssistAgentSDK. At this point it's also advisable your work through the Custom Agent Console training material (please ask your account contact for access to

So, with all of that in mind, you now need a way for your agents to use the "Short Code" they've received from the consumer, in order to join them in a support session with cobrowse capability.

Essentially, you'll need to add a single text field input form to your agent console, or similar method for collecting the short code. On successful submission of the short code, you simply make one client-side AJAX call to turn your short code into a Correlation Id, in order to connect your agent to the right support session. The code for this is here:

It's also worth noting that you'll also need to pass in your agent sessionToken and a url parameter for your GW, when you call AssistAgentSDK.startSupport({configJson}).

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